Draw Bar Trailer

Draw Bar Trailer

Draw bar trailers are close coupled trailers used for a variety of applications. The draw bar trailers allow longer and more flexible combination than a usual combination of truck and trailer.
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The draw bar trailer provides more flexibility at anchorage while ensuring reliability and security. The loading is safeguarded against unhitching even against large loads. The draw bar trailer can be fixed or demounted according to requirement. Draw bar trailers considerably reduce fleet holding and can be modified to be used either as a stand-alone unit or attached with another unit, when needed. The convenience of increased flexibility while hauling long units, while ensuring safety of consignments is a commendable feature of draw bar trailer. These provide maximum usage of space while being cost efficient.

Draw bar trailers are constructed by means of state of the art engineering, bringing about precise and effortless coupling of components. Skilled workmanship of these trailers bring unparalleled efficiency.


Finding the best draw bar trailers is hardly a challenging task with Dash Group in the picture. Being one of the leading draw bar trailer manufacturers and providers in the UAE market, Dash has made a name for itself of being the best providers of heavy-duty range of vehicles across various industries. Using the best raw materials available to manufacture every product that goes out of our warehouses, we ensure that there is no room for complaint from any of our customers in terms of product quality, durability, and sturdiness. Our team of qualified experts oversee every single procedure within the manufacturing process to ensure that we create the best machinery and equipment within our field. One of the best things about the products we manufacture at Dash is that these are easy to use as well as maintain. You need not spend more time than necessary in ensuring the functioning and maintenance of any of our products.

With our team overseeing the manufacturing, every product is also thoroughly tested with numerous safety checks that ensure that there are no chances of it causing harm to its users or potentials owners. These draw bar trailers are also affordable, being made available by us at the most competitive prices to give you the chance to get the best draw bar trailers in terms of quality at a price that is reasonable for most. You can also rely on us to be the best draw bar trailer manufacturers in the UAE, ensuring that every product purchased from us stays with you for long.

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