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Water bowsers, or water tanks as they are usually called, are precisely what the name suggests. These tankers, made of materials that ensure the sturdiness of the vehicles, help in distributing water to areas that are disturbed and have no source of accessing fresh water due to numerous reasons. This is a great boon in areas that are frequently affected by flooding and other uncontrollable situations. While bowsers are also used to carry other liquid substances from one place to another, water bowsers have certainly been more in demand due to the necessity most areas have of fresh water which can possibly be life- savers.

These mobile water bowers are manufactured in various sizes and specification to suit the requirements of various industries that each differ in their use of said vehicle. Places that have insufficient or limited access to fresh water are prominent users of these water tanks where water is transported from neighbouring settlements, cities, or areas on a daily basis as against other areas that are more prone to relying on water bowsers during floods and other calamities.


Dash Group is a prominent name among water bowser manufacturers in UAE with a commitment to providing the best products to their clients. The production of the water bowsers and every product manufactured by us is overseen by a dedicated team we have on-board that ensure perfection within every process of manufacturing. Keeping in mind the nature of work that the bowsers will be used for, the raw materials chosen to produce the vehicle are the finest in quality, in a bid to offer our customers the best they can find in the market. The capacity of the bowsers, too, differ, allowing one to opt for water bowsers that fall within their requirements and to their specifications. There are also various safety measures in place to ensure that the vehicles and equipment are safe to use.

Purchasing a water bowser from Dash is affordable and as well beneficial in more ways than one. You can be sure of receiving the best quality bowsers that are also easy to manage and maintain. With the kind of materials used and the painstaking effort put in by our team of manufacturers in producing the best water bowsers, you can also rest assured of finding heavy-duty vehicles and equipment that stand the test of time and function smoothly and without a glitch even a decade down the line.

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