PAS 2060: PAS 2060

PAS 2060: PAS 2060

PAS 2060 is the standard for carbon neutrality. Certification to this standard allows companies to prove their operations are carbon neutral. It outlines four stages to carbon neutrality — measurement, reduction, offsetting and documentation — after which verification is possible.


The PAS 2060 Standard is a specification that details how to demonstrate CO2 neutrality that was produced and published by the BSI (British Standards Institution) in 2009.

The standard was introduced with the aim to increase the levels of transparency in claims of carbon neutrality by standardising definitions and recognised methods of achieving this status. It is, at present, the only internationally recognised standard of its kind, so is an important specification to be aware of if you'd like to demonstrably turn your organisation or company carbon neutral.

Is your company ready to make the ultimate commitment to fight climate change and go carbon neutral? Add credibility to your ambitions by getting certified by Control Union. Our Carbon Neutral certification is a label which can be obtained by reducing the emissions of your company or product, and compensating the remaining emissions with carbon offsets.

We offer Carbon Neutral certification in accordance with PAS 2060, which helps you overcome public cynicism towards ‘non-verifiable’ carbon neutrality claims by proving your efforts are real and trustworthy. PAS 2060 is the only internationally recognised guideline on how to achieve carbon neutral business operations or products. PAS 2060 was created out of need for a common, consistent and transparent approach for demonstrating carbon neutrality. Control Union provides verification of the Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES) which your company needs to prepare. It details the company’s (or product’s) carbon footprint, the measures taken to reduce carbon emissions and the purchase of carbon credits to offset the remaining emissions. Upon completion of the verification, you receive our PAS 2060 Carbon Neutral certification and may use our Carbon Neutral label in your communications.

Steps Qualifying Explanatory Statement

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