ISO 28000 Certification

ISO 28000 Certification

iso certification
ISO 28000 Certification | Supply Chain Security Management System
ISO 28000:2007

ISO 28000 certification is a management system standard which has been developed specifically for logistics companies and organisations that manage supply chain operations.

ISO 28000 is a management system specification for the protection of people, property, information and infrastructure; in companies and organisations participating in local, national and international supply chain operations.

ISO 28000 Cerification is suitable for all sizes and types of organisations that are involved in the production of goods, manufacturing, services, storage or transportation at any stage of the products development or movement in the supply chain.

Supply chain security is an essential requirement for companies involved in the international supply chain, especially those having to comply with stronger security demands from Customs and/or their business partners.

For organisations working within, or relying on, the logistics industry, certification to the ISO 28000 supply chain management standard provides a valuable framework. It will help minimise the risk of security incidents and so help provide problem-free 'just in time' delivery of goods and supplies.

ISO 28000 Certification - Benefits
  •  Integrated enterprise resilience
  •  Systematized management practices
  •  Enhanced credibility and brand recognition
  •  Aligned terminology and conceptual usage
  •  Improved supply chain performance
  •  Greater compliance processes

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