Speciality Coatings

Speciality Coatings

Thermal Spray Application, Cellulosic Fire Protection, Cementitious Fire Protection, Intumenscent Fire Protection, PFP Hydrocarbon Fire Protection, Epoxy Syntactic Foam, Tank and Internal Pipe Lining, Concrete Structures and Flooring


Thermal Spray Application

Protects and extends the structural

integrity of steel, even in extreme conditions, giving practically a zero maintenance requirement.

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Cellulosic Fire Protection

Protection against fires with a slow heat

rise and peak temperatures of 950°C.

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Cementitious Fire Protection

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Intumenscent Fire Protection

Insulating structural and interior steel

work to prevent catastrophic failure and can be applied to an architectural finish.

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PFP Hydrocarbon Fire Protection

Plural component spray machines are

used for passive fire protection against fast temperature-rise fires fuelled by hydrocarbon-based fires such as oil spills, gas clouds, etc.

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Epoxy Syntactic Foam

A specialist process for creating a highly

durable corrosion protection & insulation material for use primarily in extreme temperature locations.

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Tank and Internal Pipe Lining

Quality internal cleaning, corrosion

protection coatings and linings for all types of tanks, pressure vessels, pipes, etc.

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Concrete Structures and Flooring

We have extensive experience in the

repair and protection of concrete structures and industrial floorings primarily through epoxy injection, waterproofing and levelling.

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