Wellhead Control Panels

Wellhead Control Panels

DASHPROJECTS is a pioneer with a proven track record in engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of Single-Well, Multi-Well, Integrated RTU/PLC-based, SOLAR-powered Wellhead Control Panels (WHCP) for all production fields, including onshore, offshore or artificial islands.

Our WHCP's are built in line with customer specifications, international standards and good engineering practice.

DASHPROJECTS is an industry leader in the application of state-of-the-art technologies, from conventional (Pneumatic/Hydraulic) designs to programmable logic controller (PLC) solutions that can meet customer’s stringent requirements.

We offer compact solutions to complex process needs. All our WHCPs are user-friendly in terms of operability, maintainability, availability and reliability.

Single Wellhead Control panels

These panels are designed to control a single well and associatedvalves. These panels are mostly used in onshore environment.Pneumatic/ Hydraulic energy is used to actuate other Wellhead . . .

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Modular Multi-Well Wellhead Control Panels

These panels are designed to control multiple wells and associated valves. These panels are mostly used for offshore environment. Pneumatic / hydraulic energy is used to actuate other wel . . .

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Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) are the main driving force of a hydraulic system. An HPU can be designed to deliver Low Pressure (LP), Medium Pressure (MP) and High Pressure (HP) hydraulic p . . .

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Solar Powered Well Head Control Panels

These types of wellhead control panels are solar-powered and will reduce carbon footprint. It is cost-effective by eliminating the use of external electricity or compressed air and reduce . . .

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PLC Integrated Wellhead Control Panels

Whenever there is requirement of high reliability and high availability, PLC based Wellhead control systems are used. PLC based Wellhead control system are designed with state of the art . . .

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Key Features of Well Head Control Panel

  • API 14B /14C, Shell DEP Compliant Design
  • SIL-3,EEx n,NEMA-4X,IP-66 Certified Panels
  • NACE MR0175/ ISO-15156 Compliant Panels
  • ASME, PED 97/23/EC Design Compliant Components
  • Cleanliness level to any NAS, ISO, SAE level
  • Protective coating for harsh environmental conditions
  • High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Panels
  • Arctic Service Panels
  • 3D Model Design Review
  • Reliability and availability study

WHCPs are also known as Shutdown Panels (SDP) Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD) Hydraulic Safety Shutdown System (HSSS). These are failsafe shutdown systems which have pneumatic/hydraulic/electric components. WHCPs can also be integrated with PLC/ RTU/ SCADA. WHCPs are standalone control systems as well as an interface between the plant control and the wellhead safety system. WHCPs are used for monitoring, controlling (Remote/Local) and safe shutdown of Subsurface Controlled Safety Valves (SCSSV), Surface Safety Valves (SSV), and other wellhead safety valves (Choke, ESD, HIPPS) in oil & gas production fields to ensure safe operation of unattended wells/platforms.

WHCPs may have multiple applications, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Safe and Sequential Operation of Wellhead Valves (SCSSV/SSV/Wing Etc.)
  • Emergency and Fire Shutdown
  • Safe Operation of Riser Valves
  • Flow line Pressure control
  • Well Test Operation
  • HIPPS /ESD/ Choke Valve Control
  • Partial Stroking

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