Multiport Selector Valve Skids (MSV)

Multiport Selector Valve Skids (MSV)

With the Multiport Selector Valve skids, it is possible to receive the flow from five or more oil or gas wells. It consists in one steel body with five or more incoming flow lines or inlet-ports and two outlet-ports.


One of the outlets (the bigger) collects and transfers oil or gas to production line and the other one (the smaller) collects and transfers fluid to test line coming from selected wells.


2”x 4”

  • 2" - Inlets
  • 2" - Test Outlet
  • 4" - Production Outlet

3”x 6”

  • 3" - Inlets
  • 3" - Test Outlet
  • 6" - Production Outlet

4”x 8”

  • 4" - Inlets
  • 4" - Test Outlet
  • 8" - Production Outlet

4”x 10”

  • 4" - Inlets
  • 4" - Test Outlet
  • 10" - Production Outlet

6”x 16”

  • 6" - Inlets
  • 6" - Test Outlet
  • 16" - Production Outlet


  • Manual or electric motor operation for hazardous atmosphere.
  • Local or remote control via MODBUS RTU.

Standard Construction Materials

  • ASTM A350 LF2orA216WCB
  • ASTM A350 LF2orA216WCB
    Bonnet cover
  • ASTM A350 LF2orA216WCB
  • 316L
    Seat Ring
  • PTFE-25% CorNylon
    Sealing element
  • ASTM A 193 B7.Nuts A 194 2H

Main Advantages

The heart of the skid production pad is the Multiport Selector Valve, as described above, fitted with an electrical actuator. Each line connected with the inlet and outlet-ports is complete with his block ball valve, check valve, relief and drain valves, pressure and temperature transmitters. Therefore, when the skid is received in the field, it is ready for connection, commissioning and subsequent operation. No painting, welding, or field testing is needed.

  • Modular, Compact and self-contained.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Combined solution: Multiphase Meter – Multiport Selector Valve.
  • The Skid has a small ecological impact and because of its reduced footprint, it is ideal for offshore applications.
  • No concrete foundation required.
  • It can be delivered, installed, commissioned and start up within a few days.
  • Multiphase meter test on-line (in-situ). • The systems are completely tested in the factory (Dye penetrant inspection, pressure test, RX inspection, functional tests).
  • H2S service parts designed for hydrogen sulfide corrosion resistance.
  • The skid can be connected in cluster (several skid connections for 14, 21, 28 or more wells).


The Multiport Selector Valve Skid show on 1st page and some pics below is mounted for Iraq. This is also a good prospect for other markets. In Saudi this is still not active as Aramco focuses on individual well healthiness check.

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