CNC Milling and Boring Machines

CNC Milling and Boring Machines

Faster and more efficient machining for contoured parts: Our boring and milling machinery also features rotary tables that enable highly efficient multi-axis machining, increasing value and throughput for our customers.

3D Machining with tight tolerances: In addition, rotary table indexing enables us to perform three-dimensional machining tailored to all of your specifications. All of our machined components are fabricated to specific tight tolerances that include +/- 0.0005 for milling and +/- 0.0002" for machine boring.

Materials frequently used within our horizontal boring and milling machine include steel, aluminum, stainless, nickel, and copper alloys.

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In our expansive facility, we use multiple CNC lathes and turning centers to offer turning capabilities that translate into faster throughput, greater efficiency, and more cost savings for projects