Residential and Commercial interior design projects

Residential and Commercial interior design projects


We offer exclusive house design projects to owners of houses in Dubai and other regions of the UAE. DASHPROJECTS offers a project development with a unique layout of the space and the interior. We realize your dreams of an ideal house design at a very reasonable price. Look at the portfolio of residential projects, because the projects of our designers speak more than any advertising.



Exclusive solutions of interior design for apartments by DASHPROJECTS are convenient, functional, practical. We take into account the modern style of the apartment interior, features of the space of the flat, the habits of the owner and his status. Take a look at examples of apartment projects created and executed by us. Evaluate the level of DASHPROJECTS designers works. If you liked the projects, just make a call and we will discuss your project.


A restaurant design project will be made by specialists of DASHPROJECTS to attract guests, make your restaurant trendy, encourage guests to come back again and again. Using exclusive restaurant interior solutions and modern materials, our specialists will create an atmosphere to have a pleasant conversation with a cup of coffee, spending time in a restaurant with friends and family. By entrusting the restaurant project to professionals of DASHPROJECTS you will get the most out of your business!



An office design project created by DASHPROJECTS allows the company to strengthen the brand, to show the style of the company. Your office will have a working atmosphere that will allow your clients easily leave their money to you by purchasing your services. The office will be convenient for the work of the employees. They will work more efficiently in a comfortable and pleasant interior. Look at the portfolio of commercial projects. Here are the best office interior designs. If you are interested in making your office more efficient, just call us.


Interior design projects aren't only 3D visualizations. Ordering the project by DASHPROJECTS you get the full set of documents needed to effectively execute the project:

  • Measuring plan
  • Plan of technical communications
  • Plan of space
  • Furniture placement plan
  • Floor plan (with material specification)
  • Waterjet drawings
  • Plan of ceilings (with material specification)
  • Plan of lighting in each room
  • Layout of lighting, distribution of commutation lines
  • Lamp collection
  • Electrical plan (sockets, switches, etc.)
  • Air-conditioning plan
  • Plan and layout of the equipment
  • Plan and drawing of plumbing equipment
  • Drawing of walls (with material specification)
  • Furniture selection
  • Equipment selection
  • 3D visualization of rooms
If you want to order an interior design project for your commercial or residential premises just email us to get a quotation. We are always glad to have a personal meeting for a detailed discussion of your project.

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