Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace and Defence

We provide a diverse range of services to support the aerospace industry and its supply chain.
Safety and reliability are paramount in the aerospace industry. Failure can be catastrophic. Aerospace manufacturers, distributors, service providers and the supply chain face stringent regulation in performance, quality and reliability.

DASH provides a diverse range of aerospace services and we can support all aspects of production and performance: from research and development and quality control to material certification and failure analysis. Our capabilities span both military and civil – from international airliners and military jets to private fixed wing or rotary aircraft – and we serve key players in the industry.

Our services include auditing, inspection, scientific and regulatory consulting, testing, quality assurance and certification. Our inspection and testing of components, jet fuel, products and systems are in accordance with certified procedures and stringent testing methods. Testing services include electrical, chemical, mechanical and non-destructive testing, plus the testing of metals, polymers, plastics and composites. Our expert team of consultants works to ensure compliance to chemical control regulations throughout the supply chain.

DASH is accredited to conduct testing in accordance with major industry bodies such as the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Our accreditations provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that your company is operating safely and adhere to regulation.

Our quality management systems certification and auditing services help suppliers comply with mandatory regulations so you can become an appointed aerospace supplier. Our auditing provides you with the certification you need to open doors to new markets both domestically and internationally.

DASH is a trusted partner in the provision of global quality and safety services to the aerospace and defence industries, helping ensure increased asset reliability, design integrity and optimal systems performance. Our independent Total Quality Assurance solutions cross the entire spectrum of land, sea and field operations, from vessel and vehicle construction, to maintenance and safety inspections.

Service Areas

The Aerospace and Defence services fall into these broad areas:

Performance & EMC Testing for Military & Aerospace (MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810, DO 160)
CE Marking for Military Products
Transparent Armor and Military Glass Testing
Performance Testing
Structural Testing

Aviation Maintenance and Monitoring Safety Solutions
Accelerated Stress Testing (AST)
Component Failure Analysis in Engineering and Manufacturing
Engine Research, Development & Emissions Testing
Metallurgy Services
Non-Destructive Testing
Mechanical Testing
3D Metrology
Material and Chemicals Testing

Aerospace Polymers and Plastics Testing
Aerospace Composites Testing
AeroCHECK Fluids Condition Monitoring
Chemicals Testing for Aerospace
Health and Environment
Jet Fuel Testing
Composites Testing
Petroleum & Refined Product Testing
RoHS Testing Services
Auditing and Professional Services

AS9100 Series - Aviation Space and Defence Certification
AS9110 Certification - Requirements for Aviation Space and Defence Maintenance Organisations
AS9120 Certification - Requirements for Aviation Space and Defence Distributors
Customised Audit Solutions
Supply Chain Assurance
Engineering Consulting
Engineering and Technical Staffing
Chemical Regulatory Services
Failure Analysis and Forensic Engineering
Note: DASH consulting services provided for Aerospace are carried out by consulting experts of a separate legal entity who have no influence over any aspect of DASH Notified Body activities.


Aerospace and Defence We provide a diverse range of services to support the aerospace industry and its supply chain.Safety and reliability are paramount in the aerospace industry. Failure can be
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