Helideck Inspection

Helideck Inspection

1. Helideck Audit / Landing area Certification

Dashinspectorate offers complete range of helideck services which includes design, maintenance, inspection & certification to ensure safe operations of helideck in order to meet international standards and codes.

Major International standards we follow
DGCA CAR Section 4 Aerodrome Standards and Licensing Series F Part II Issue I
DGCA CAR Section 4 Aerodrome Standards and Licensing Series B Part III Issue II
Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority No. 139-27
Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority Part 138 Certifications and Operations- Heliports
Airport standards directive 904 [ASD 904] standards for helidecks Malaysia
GCAA CAAP 71 Issue 2 United Arab Emirates
KSA GACA Safety Regulation
2. Helideck Friction Testing and Certification
Helideck landing nets present a hazard to personnel in the form of slips and trips. Friction paint is preferred on helideck surface so as to increase friction. We provide onsite friction test for both steel and aluminum helidecks with our micro grip tester.

Advantages of Micro Grip Tester:
Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment
Designed for all seasons
Computer controlled system
Easy to use, robust, reliable
Flexible deployment
Automatic water delivery system
Tests entire deck, at resolution of 1m2
3. Perimeter Net Drop Test and Certification
Installed around the landing area, perimeter Net should be flexible nature, with the inboard edge fastened just below the edge of the helicopter landing deck, A safety net designed to meet these criteria should ‘contain’ personnel falling into it and not act as a trampoline, The ideal design should produce a ‘hammock’ effect which should securely contain a body falling, rolling or jumping into it, without serious injury.

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