Dash marine services support the world's shipping, maritime and ports industries.

The world’s economy depends upon fleets of ships and other sea-worthy structures doing their jobs safely and efficiently.  Dash’s Total Quality Assurance means, ship, vessel, and offshore platform owners, operator, ports and harbours can depend upon Dash to help improve their operations, compliance and safety.  
Dash's marine services help protect ship owners and operators from equipment failure, downtime, and repairs, and other risks. Dash is a global marine industry services leader, with the expertise and resources which can help reduce and avoid costly delays, repairs, losses and other risks to your offshore and shipping business and operations.
Similarly, ports and harbours can rely on Dash to manage risk, meet regulatory standards and ensure safety of operations.  From policy to operations we can identify and mitigate risk to ensure the environmental performance of the harbor waters during economic development and operations.

Learn more about Dash maritime industry services:

Dash Lintec testing and inspection services for bunker fuel, lubricants, potable water, fire-fighting foam and more 
Marine training develops marine personnel competency, preparing them for licensing
Marine products flammability testing for IMO and SOLAS requirements
Port and harbours policy development, design, and environmental engineering
Ballast water policy, management plans, sampling and analysis
Oil and Gas services extend to offshore and deepwater expertise and capabilities
RoHS Testing Services 
Chemical Regulatory Services 
Offshore wind consultancy services help manage risk of all marine-related issues
Fire Detection Product Testing services accredited to IEC 60092-504 and IEC 60533 for Marine Approvals

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