Offshore Drilling NDT inspection

Offshore Drilling NDT inspection

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Dashinspectorate , now with its wide range of offshore, Marine, Petro-Chemical inspection products, technical expertise (supported by our worldwide alliance / joint venture companies), is uniquely placed to meet your inspection requirements. All the information needed to make an informed decision on your inspection services can be found on this website. Please contact us if you have any further queries or require pricing information.

  • BHA Inspections

  • Cargo Handling Equipment

  • Casing and Tubing Inspections

  • Crane Inspection, Load Testing

Drill Pipe Inspections & Services

  •  Drops Objects Survey

  • Eddy Current Inspections

  •  Derrick Inspections

  • Lifting Gear (LEEA)

  • Radiograhy Inspection Services

  • Rig Audit and Acceptance


  • Thickness Gauging Inspections

  • NDT  Documentation

  • Yard Management Services

  • Level III  Services and Training 

  • Rope Access




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Image result for ndth3>WHY CHOOSE NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING FROM DASH?  We offer you the most effective NDT methods to investigate the integrity of your equipment and assets. Our comprehensive
NDT Services In VadodaraNON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTINGNon-destructive testing from DASH ensures the safe and efficient operation of your equipment and assets by detecting defects before they result in