Lifting Equipment Examination, Testing & Certifica

Lifting Equipment Examination, Testing & Certifica

Range of Lifting Equipment Inspection Services

EMAG inspection on installed wire ropes.
Elevator Inspections
Guy Wire Tension Measuring .
Rocking tests on Cranes.
Brake tests.
Bollard pull tests.
Destruction tests for lifting equipment test samples.
Anchor bolt pullout tests.
Installation survey of lifting equipment.
Pre-Purchase surveys of lifting equipment.
Safe Operator Training / Assessment and Certification .
Preparation of Terminations / Socketing of Wire Ropes .
Spooling Services (Replacing of Wire Rope using an External Winch) Pressure Lubrication of Wire Ropes.
Equipment Rental (Solid Test Weights, Water Bags, Load cells and Life Boat Testing Equipment) .

Lifting Equipment Examination, Testing & Certification


Mobile Cranes.
Crawler Cranes.
Rough Terrain Cranes.
Lorry Loader Cranes.
EOT cranes.
Jib Cranes.
Pedestal cranes.
Deck cranes.
Floor cranes.
Provision cranes.
BOP hoists
Davits and LARS
Gangways, Accommodation Ladders and MOT Ladders.
Travel Lift.
MEWP / Manlift / Boom lift / Scissor lift / Spider lift
Telehandler / Telescopic Forklift.
Pallet Trucks
Wheel Loader.
Reach Stacker / Container Handler.
Offshore / ISO Containers.
Skips, Skids, Baskets, cylinder Racks Etc..
Man Baskets / Personnel Baskets / Work Baskets.
Spreader Beams / Lifting Beams .
Runway beams / Monorails.
Powered Hoists.

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