We serve the rail and light rail industries both nationally and internationally, providing valued Total Quality Assurance from design optimisation to asset integrity management.

As globalisation, tourism and e-commerce grow and shape the transportation industry, rail and light rail services are relied upon more than ever. However, rapid growth brings a unique set of challenges across the supply chain, from system design and engineering to construction companies and operations

Efficiency, timely project delivery and safety are paramount to any organisation involved in the rail industry.

At Dash, we offer tailored quality assurance solutions across many aspects of the rail and light rail industries, enabling you to identify and mitigate risk in your operations whilst meeting safety, sustainability and performance standards. Our services include crude oil rail car inspection and testing, metallurgy consultancy, non-destructive testing, corrosion and failure analysis, rail car integrity programmes, oil condition monitoring and stray current risk assessment and management. We can help safeguard continuous rail operation and promote the industry’s longevity.

Working with us means you get the trusted and reliable technical expertise you need for your products, projects and processes, and peace of mind that your business is operating as safely and efficiently as possible.

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