DASH’s continued work in regulatory compliance brings you the services you need to meet relevant regulatory standards.

In the development of any of today’s products, regulatory standards are there to address and confirm products’ proper and safe creation and use. Backed by regional, national, and international governments and agencies, these regulations must be sought out and adhered to in order to achieve a space in the marketplace. As a leading Total Quality Assurance provider, DASH’s innovative assurance, testing, inspection and certification solutions are delivered with precision by experts experienced with and accustomed to these regulatory processes and stipulations, enabling customers to power ahead safely.

Regulations for products extend from safety obligations and materials’ requirements to performance properties and usage and maintenance parameters. Testing can be necessary throughout the entire life cycle of a product, from the ideation and design stage through process development and manufacturing, including shipment and storage, and on to customer acquisition and handling. Those involved in the development and sale of a product—whether that product is an industrial element or an app targeted for new technology, or anything in between—must be prepared to meet all the regulatory conditions and requisites in a variety of markets, countries, and global regions.

This compliance is constantly shifting and evolving as new research, new technology, new markets, new legislators, and new market drivers emerge. DASH offers regulatory compliance solutions related to new product introductions, as well as validation of compliance for existing products, with local and global regulations, and it is our job to stay at pace with and even to anticipate these changes. Our regulatory compliance services are based on the DASH team’s extensive global regulatory knowledge and years of experience testing to and even sometimes helping to shape regulatory standards. Through globally located offices and an established network with local and regional trade associations and government authorities, DASH is well positioned to respond to client needs.

Different Needs for Different Products, Industries, and Markets
Nearly all industries have regulations that their products must comply with before they can launch, but it can be nearly impossible to know them all if you don’t know where to look. DASH’s engineering and technical staff are constantly aware of industry and product needs regarding regulatory compliance, meaning we can help you know about each safety, environmental, EMC, chemical, or other regulatory standard your specific product should adhere to. Some examples include:

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Energy Efficiency
ErP Directive
Food Contact
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive
DASH also has specialized services matching regulatory compliance with particular industries, such as Food & Agriculture, Industrial & Manufacturing, Medical Equipment, Transportation, and more. 

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