Storage tank inspection

Storage tank inspection

Tank Inspection and Calibration Services
When storing hazardous substances, reducing the risk of leakage is vital. Storage tank corrosion can cause environmental contamination and losses. As a result, you need to ensure the safety and reliability of your tanks. Our inspection, audit and calibration services help you to avoid disasters and ensure that your storage tanks meet all relevant regulations.

Why use storage tank inspection, audit, and calibration services from DASH?
As a notified body, we provide you with trusted independent assessment, testing, and verification to ensure the safety of your storage tanks, helping you to:

Prevent accidental leaks and avoid costly decontamination with regular inspections
Gain a clear insight into the precise capacity and volume of your tanks with accurate calibration
Assure the integrity of your storage tanks by complying with local regulations and the relevant standards and codes
Trusted storage tank inspection, audit, and calibration from a leading supplier
As a leading supplier of inspection, audit and calibration services, we offer you unparalleled expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and a global reach. That is why we are the first choice for clients needing to ensure safe storage of everything from chemicals and petroleum products to liquefied gases.

We offer you a comprehensive range of services for both underground storage tanks (UST) and above ground storage tanks (AST). Our storage tank inspection, audit and calibration services include:

3D modeling of tank floor and shell
Assessment of water and sludge inside containers
Assessment of subsoil corrosion
Automated tank floor measurement
Environmental impact studies and risk analysis
External thickness measurements and calculation reviews
Identification plate stamping and adjustment
Non-destructive testing (NDT)
Project management and construction supervision
Tank floor volume measurement
Tracing of system leaks and assessment of the material strength
Ultrasonic density tests
Welding procedures and qualification to international standards
Contact us today and find out how our storage tank inspection, audit and calibration services can ensure the safety and integrity of your storage tanks.


Tank Calibration Services
Tank calibration for shore and ship installations, terminals, and tank farms.

Intertek provides accurate and detailed measurement and calibration of large petroleum, fuel, and chemical cargo storage tanks. Tank calibration includes shore tanks and ship tanks used for holding crude oil, refined petroleum products, LPG, LNG, and other wet or dry bulk cargoes. Using the latest technology for tank calibration, engineers and technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art measuring devices. Intertek measures and calibrates tanks of various shapes, sizes, and designs. Loss control investigations are available from seasoned experts with years of industry experience.


Storage tank calibration:
Horizontal and Vertical Land Tanks Calibration
Internal and external tank calibration by EODR (Electro-Optical Distance Ranging)
Pipeline Volume Calculations
Custody Transfer Systems (CTS)
Ship and Barge Tank Volume Calculations
Petroleum and chemical storage tanks calibrated:
Vertical Tanks
Horizontal Tanks
Spherical Tanks
Cylindrical Tanks
Double-wall Tanks
Fixed Roof Tanks
Floating Roof Tanks
Domed Roof Tanks
Conical Roof Tanks
LNG Tank Calibration
Measurements include detailed assessments of wall versatility roundness and shape, along with roof & floor profiles. Tank calibrations are conducted to the exacting requirements of the appropriate international standards published by the International Standards Organization (ISO) or by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Detailed volumetric tables are compiled for each tank and can be formatted according to the client’s requirements. Comprehensive tables can incorporate any standard units of measure for size, volume or both.

Tank calibration and measurement:
Tank Gauging Training Course
Volume and Flow Measurement Services
Metering and Meter Calibration Capabilities
Liquid Storage Terminal Services

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