Thermography Survey

Thermography Survey

Our Infrared Thermography Condition Monitoring technique is a process to identifying the abnormalities and monitoring change from the established defect signature of a system in live condition. DASHINSPECTORATE utilizes Thermographic Survey for Electrical Equipment’s Survey in Live Condition. We utilize below techniques to rectify and maintain the good condition of electrical equipments.

Applications of the technique
Electrical Inspection
Mechanical Inspection
Building Inspection
Ariel Survey
Leak detection
Furnace Inspection
Electrical Thermography
Electrical Infrared Thermography (IR Thermography) is a powerful diagnostic tool that can detect stressed elements of your electrical installation before they break down or cause a fire. It gives you the opportunity to solve the problem as part of planned maintenance before it causes a serious problem.

Mechanical Thermography
Our comprehensive survey report gives the maintenance team the information required to plan in maintenance activity on the relevant equipment highlighted by thermal images. This reduces the need to carry out reactive repairs during production and in turn eradicates costly and potential failures of the equipment.

Building Thermography
we can help you identify where energy is being wasted and how energy efficiency can be improved by surveying the external overview of each elevation of the building.

Aerial Thermal Imaging
Aerial surveys can be conducted from drone which is a lightweight unit, Thermal imaging surveys can be an excellent way of analyzing your site Aerial inspections are ideal for surveying roof areas and provide an initial indication of problems in a cost effective way.

Leakage Detection
This includes to perform thermal imaging scans to detect air, moisture, and heat leakage from a building enclosure – the glass, concrete, insulation, and other materials separating the inside and outside environments. Leaky buildings can be costly and dangerous, leading to damaged finishes, increased energy costs, and mold growth within walls and roofs.


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