In Electrical Technology lab students learn the use of devices that control the flow of electrons so that useful work is done. ... The purpose of electrical technology lab is to introduce students with implementation of practical concepts that are taught in theory.

Digital Multimeters
HV Oil Test Set
Tan Delta
Clamp Testers
Transformer Analyzers
Decade Resistance
Relay Test Systems
LCR Boxes
Circuit Breaker Analyzers
LCR Meters
Time Domain Reflectometer
Process Calibrators
Cable Fault Locating Systems
Frequency Counters
Energy Meter
CT Analyzer/ Current Transformer
Omicron Kits
Insulation Testers
High Voltage Probe
Harmonic Test
RCD / ELCB Testers
ESD Floor Matt / ESD Testers
Ground Testers
HV Test Set AC/DC
Variable Auto Transformers
Primary Current Injection Test Sets
Secondary Current Injection Test Sets
Panel Meters
AC/DC Dielectric Test Sets
Clamp-on Meters
Energy Meters
Harmonic Analyzers
Continuity Testers
Welding Machines
Voltage Transformers
Tan Delta Testers
Oil Test Set
Cable Locators
Flash Testers
Portable Appliance Testers
Power Factor Meters
Electrical Transducers & Sensors
Earth Resistance Meters
Phase Sequence Indicators
Micro Ohmmeters
Pat testing
High Voltage Insulation Testers
Thermography testing
VLF Test Set
AMCAL is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited lab with the capability of source & measurement of all electrical parameters. The facility is equipped with most modern calibration standards to carry out various electrical & electronic tests. The lab also has a state-of-the-art measuring instruments with the best measurement capability and for determination of uncertainty.

ENERGY METER is a device that measures the amount of electric energy consumed by residence, business or an electrically powered device.
What would happen if you are having a fault in your Energy Meter?


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