Appliances and Consumer Electronics Testing

Quickly and efficiently develop the highest quality products for the global marketplace
Leading appliance and electronics manufacturers rely on Dash to deliver a Total Quality Assurance solution for their products and processes, from unprecedented speed for testing and product certification, breadth of services, global laboratories and experts, and leadership in performance and benchmark testing, Dash provides the most comprehensive solutions worldwide.

Regulatory Requirements & Industry Drivers
We understand your testing needs, tight deadlines, and the industry drivers that impact marketability. Ensure your products are compliant with all applicable global and local regulations.

Performance Testing
Our expertise brings best-in-class practices to ensure your product is ready for market. Performance testing allows you to be confident in your product's quality and competitive advantages, which reduces your risk and protects your brand.

We have a passion for building partnerships that go beyond regulatory testing. Our breadth of services supports clients in product design, inspecting supply chains, assessing facility productivity,  and providing confidence that your products, systems, and people are all working together to strengthen your market position.

Product Categories
The appliances and consumer electronics market is diverse in both products and global reach. Learn more about Dash’s industry-leading breadth of services across products and regions.

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