Building Products Certification Services

Building Products Certification Services

Product Certification Services for the Building and Construction Market
Product Certification for the Building and Construction Industry

Our approach to obtaining certification is centered on you and your time-to-market goals. For fast turnaround, flexible services, global approvals, and innovative testing solutions that keep up with the speed of your business, partner with Intertek. With a wide range of engineers and subject matter experts across the world, we can help you with your Product Certification and Code Evaluation needs.

Certification proves your credibility to the market. To deliver that credibility, Intertek maintains extensive global accreditations and recognitions for our testing, inspection, and certification services.

As global markets grow and expand, more consumers are seeking safe, reliable, and, increasingly, eco-conscious products. With both international and local proficiency, Intertek brings the qualifications you need to get your products in front of the right eyes. We offer certification programs that achieve market entry into a variety of global destinations, programs for a more eco-friendly environment, and also programs to verify social accountability compliance for both you and your suppliers.

Working with Intertek helps showcase and maintain products’ safety and performance attributes. Our leadership and expertise in regulatory standards and certifications stays ahead of the changes and challenges in the market.

Our capabilities and knowledge of the Certification process are efficient, cost-effective, and meet best industry practices.

The Building Products Certification program is designed to help you get products tested, certified, and on to market faster than ever before.

Our Warnock Hersey and ETL Marks are leading product safety and performance marks for building and construction products.

Product Certification

Find the right program to help you gain market access and differentiate your product. From our ETL Mark, the Warnock-Hersey Mark, or our Code Evaluation Reports (CCRR), Intertek has the right tools for you.

Code Evaluation

Get your products to market faster and more cost effectively by demonstrating that your product or system complies with code with a Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR).

Field Labeling of Fire Doors

Obtain the proper labeling required by code to avoid unnecessary removal and replacement of your buildings’ fire doors through our field review and labeling process.

Industry & Association Programs

When it comes to your products and your industry, you want a partner who understands your market needs.

Personnel Programs

Increase your breadth of services and provide added-value to customers through one of our personnel programs.

Environmental Certification

Differentiate your product in the market by validating your environmental claims through independent 3rd party testing.

Quality Assurance

Prove to your customers the level of quality and consistency you maintain throughout your manufacturing operations through one of our Quality Assurance Programs.

Roof Impact Certification

Our Roof Impact Certification Program provides manufacturers with certification that their products meet recognized performance standards.

Sustainability Certification Programs

Programs that meet your needs. A mark that proves your dedication to doing things the right way.



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