Conceptual Design, FEED & Detailed Design Solutions

Conceptual Design, FEED & Detailed Design Solutions

The core requirement of any engineering project is its conceptual design or feasibility study. At this stage, boundaries are de?ned for further Front End Engineering Design (FEED). In FEED, the major focus lies on the technical requirement along with the estimated budget investment cost of the project. FEED also serves as the base for the bidding of execution phase contracts i.e. Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) and Engineering Procurement Installation Commissioning (EPIC).

At Velosi, Conceptual Design and FEED are performed in compliance with standards like ASME, API, ACI, ASCE, SHELL DEP, BS, NFPA, and other applicable industry codes and standards.

Benefits of FEED:
Lesser lifecycle costs.
Decreased technical, schedule and cost risks.
Fast achieve plant/process start-up, commissioning and turnover.
Diminished EHS and compliance risks.
Enhanced risk identification and mitigation.


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