Packaging and Food Contact Solutions

Packaging and Food Contact Solutions

We provide expert regulatory support and analytical and chemical testing to help you meet global food contact regulatory compliance requirements to ensure the safe use of your products.

Materials and articles [Food Contact Materials (FCMs)] can come into contact with food during the phases of production, processing, storage, and preparation. Examples of FCMs include packaging, food machinery equipment, kitchenware, and household items.

As food safety has become a rising concern for consumers, it is important for manufacturers to mitigate the risks associated with the migration of chemical substances from FCMs into food to prevent potential health threats.

Many countries worldwide have adopted compliance requirements and regulations to help ensure the safe use of FCMs. Our team of experts can help manufacturers comply with global industry regulations and standards to expedite market entry, while ensuring the quality and safety of their FCMs.

Acting as a third party in the value chain, we will help you coordinate information between business partners, evaluate formulations under nondisclosure agreements, ensure compliance of the evaluated products, and assess all parameters pertaining to ongoing sustainability initiatives throughout the various stages of development, sourcing, and manufacturing, as well as to market.

Our Services Include:

Food Contact Regulatory Compliance
Food contact regulatory requirements around the world are complex with different regions requiring their own notifications (US, EU, Asia, South America, etc.) for new food contact substances as well as compliance specifications for food contact materials. We can provide comprehensive regulatory support for fast track and cost-effective approaches to enter new markets, aid with the introduction of new products and provide assistance to adapt to changes in existing regulations.Our decades of experience guarantees extensive knowledge of all aspects of food and food contact laws, and our strong network with local and regional governmental authorities helps to accelerate the regulatory process. We can interpret current regulations as well as design customized food contact compliance programs, each able to demonstrate that your materials and articles are in compliance with the applicable legislations.More Information.
Global Food Contact Petitions and Notifications
We provide food contact petitions and notifications expertise for submission in the European Union (EFSA), USA (FDA), Japan (JHOSPA), South America (MERCOSUR), China, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Philippines, South Korea and other countries.

Our services include but are not limited to:
- Protocol development for migration testing
- Impurity profiling
- Complex formulation identification
- Safety risk assessments provided as part of the food contact notification package
- Best solution for toxicity testing covering relevant markets
- Preparation of opinion letters on compliance status, including analysis and evaluation of new formulation
- Placement and monitoring of toxicology studies to support a submission
FCMs Analytical and Chemical Testing
By providing a comprehensive range of analytical and chemical testing for FCMs, we help manufacturers navigate through the compliance process and enable them to successfully place their FCMs on the market.Our services include but are not limited to:
- Paper and Paperboard Food Contact Compliance 
- Analytical Screening For Substances of Concern
  - Phthalates Analysis 
- NIAS Testing Studies and Risk Assessment 
- Packaging Solutions
Sustainability for FCMs
We provide a comprehensive array of services for industry in the areas of:
- Waste Breakdown
- Single-use Plastics
- Biodegradability Alternatives
- Bio-based Polymers for Packaging 
- Recycled Plastics in Packaging
- Microplastics
- Nanomaterials
- Recycled Content Verification
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
GMPs ensure that materials and articles intended for food contact are being consistently produced and controlled to achieve compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Intertek Health, Environmental & Regulatory Services (HERS) experts have the regulatory knowledge and industry expertise to help you achieve global GMP compliance.

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