Machinery & Tools

Machinery & Tools

Increase your profitability and extend your global footprint
Expand your reach to new global markets. As global economies continue to expand and diversify, the demand for printing, paper, food, textile, and other machinery is growing. With ever-increasing consumer demand for products, manufacturers must be able to offer Total Quality at every stage of the supply and production chain.

To stay ahead in this competitive global climate, you need bespoke solutions for your specific industry needs. We provide a comprehensive set of services across assurance, testing, inspection, and certification to sharpen your competitive edge and allow you to power ahead safely.

IEC 61010 Series: Master the Challenge & Keep Up with the Changes
IEC 61010 Series White Paper
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Machinery Directive
Quickly and efficiently demonstrate compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC for the European market. Get the information and support you need so you can get your products to market faster.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
You need well-adapted procedures for EMC testing which consider added complexities such as system integrators and electrical and electronic modules. Our global EMC teams offer expertise delivered with the speed and consistency that is integral to your success.

Field Evaluations and Special Inspections
Don’t let the risk of non-compliance slow you down due to the size, dimensions, weight, or auxiliary requirements of your machinery. Smart inspection solutions like Field Evaluation can get you certified and speed up your time to market.

Verify the compliance of your products and brands in competitive worldwide markets with the assurance of Intertek’s Certification Marks, which are widely accepted by retailers, distributors, customers, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs). For more than 100 years, Intertek has offered product safety, quality, and performance certification marks, including the ETL Mark.

Performance Verification
Differentiate your products against the competition and validate your claims for performance, durability, efficiency, and more. From preparing your technical Construction File to meeting local, national, global, or internal requirements, you can rely on our network of global experts and facilities to sharpen your competitive edge.

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