Process and Control Equipment Certification

Process and Control Equipment Certification

Take the smooth, cost-effective path to market with your innovative Process and Control Equipment products
Get set to catch the next wave! You rely on advancements in technology and large investments in research and development, all of which are on the upsurge moving forward. This sets the note for industry growth and increased profitability for you. Stay competitive and compliant with solutions that are effective and efficient and remove barriers to successful certification.

IEC 61010 Series: Master the Challenge & Keep Up with the Changes
IEC 61010 Series White Paper
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ETL Certification
Differentiate your products and brands in competitive markets with the assurance of the ETL Listed Mark, which is widely accepted by retailers, distributors, customers and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs).

Control Panel Program
Intertek's ETL Certification Program for Industrial Control Panels (ICP) delivers an alternative, cost-efficient approach to certification for manufacturers who custom-build or mass-produce ICPs.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) & Industry 4.0
Smart technology in the manufacturing sector is allowing for greater connectivity, data collection, and decision making. To take advantage of the speed and efficiency this can create, technologies need to be assessed for performance, interoperability, and cyber security.

RoHS2 Compliance for Monitoring and Control Instruments*
Our global expert network provides you a single-source solution for RoHS compliance, including technical documentation, BoM assessment, testing, consulting, and product certification.

Field Evaluations and Special Inspections
Don’t let the risk of non-compliance slow you down. Smart solutions like Field Evaluation can get you certified and speed up your time to market.

Hazardous Locations
Get the Hazardous Locations certifications you need to access local and global markets and be successful in today’s competitive market.

EMC Testing
Increase your global market access. Get the capacity, proximity and engineering resources you need for your process and control equipment and streamline your EMC compliance testing process.

Limited Production Certification
Specialized certification solutions are required for unique circumstances. Remove barriers to certification with Limited Production Certification and get your products to market quickly and efficiently.


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