Refrigerants, Lubricants and Materials Compatibility Testing

Refrigerants, Lubricants and Materials Compatibility Testing

Identify issues before they become a business problem
Whether you are looking to conduct testing or analysis for refrigerants, lubricants or materials compatibility, Intertek has capabilities to help identify potential issues before they become larger business problems.

We offer full preventive maintenance analysis of compressor lubricants, including viscosity, total acid number, and moisture, along with 23 different wear and additive metals. Additionally, we can provide fungal/biological airborne contaminant testing, elastomer testing, and specialty testing.

Refrigerant Testing and Analysis
Eliminate costly warranty claims by identifying contaminants before they lead to system failure. Intertek offers a rush turnaround service to increase the lifetime of your systems and reduce equipment downtime.

HVAC Compressor Lubricant Analysis
Reduce chances of compressor burnouts and unscheduled maintenance with scheduled analysis of lubricants. Intertek provides test results within 72 hours and will include service recommendations.

Materials Compatibility Testing
Avoid system failures and limit warranty claims by understanding the chemical stability of your product. Intertek can guide you in understanding how a new component will react in your HVAC/R system.

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