Structural Integrity Management System (SIMS)

Structural Integrity Management System (SIMS)

VAIL Plant Module - Structural Integrity Management System (SIMS)
Structural Integrity Management System (SIMS) is the method of securing compliance with regulatory as well as organizational requirements over a period of time, ensuring the structure is fit-for-purpose until decommissioning or removal. An effective SIM system is substantially critical in preventing catastrophic failure in complex industrial facilities.

At Velosi, we have endorsed the international codes, such as ISO 19900, ISO 19902, ISO 19904 and API RP 2 SIM, in order for our structural integrity experts to ensure sustainability and integrity of onshore and offshore structures during all the phases of the structure life cycle.

As a minimum, we cover the following types of structures:
Offshore Platforms - Subsea Structures
Offshore Platforms - Topside Structures
Floating Production Storage and Of?oading (FPSO)
Hull and Flexible Riser
Onshore Structures
Benefits of SIMS:
Identifies and assesses the safety, environment and commercial risks associated with the operation of structures.
Identifies, establishes and maintains suitable risk reduction measures.
Makes sure that the structural designs are fit for the intended purpose and engineered to approved standards.
Reduces risks to personnel, environment and business profitability as low as reasonably practicable.
Assures the integrity of structures during all phases of their life cycle and assigns single-point accountability.
SIMS Deliverables:
Tag Marked Drawings
Asset Register
Inspection Plans
Asset Passport
RBI - SIMS Study

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