Wind, Wave & Tidal

Wind, Wave & Tidal

Demand for renewable energy is growing rapidly around the world. Intertek offers testing, certification and consulting services to support this, providing Total Quality Assurance for the renewable energy sector.

Issues such as climate change and security of supply, coupled with political and social demand for green energy and decarbonisation means that wind, wave and tidal are growing in importance as sources of renewable energy. Technological advances have resulted in increased efficiency in energy production and it has become more economically viable for investors.

The growth of this sector means product development and environmental and regulatory challenges are constantly evolving. Navigating these complex changes requires a reliable partner who can provide the expertise and global reach to allow your renewable energy business to succeed and compete in this thriving market.

Intertek’s diverse range of Total Quality Assurance services support the key players in renewables, from manufacturers, developers and operators to utility owners, investors and government departments. Our global network of qualified professionals enables us to deliver innovative and bespoke Total Quality Assurance solutions for our clients wherever they operate, 24/7.

Supporting you throughout the entire project life cycle, our services include feasibility assessment, site investigation, hydrodynamic modelling, environmental modelling, environmental assessment, geo-investigation, metocean, licensing, and operations support.

Wind Energy
Intertek offers Total Quality solutions across the entire project lifecycle and within the offshore wind sector this includes both fixed bottom and floating technologies. Our services include design reviews, component and materials testing, field evaluations and certification of wind turbines. Our consultancy services for offshore and onshore wind farms offer a comprehensive set of technical solutions: from planning, feasibility, design, and consent; to construction, operation, asset management, and decommissioning.

Tidal and Wave  
Harnessing energy from tides has become increasingly prevalent since its commencement in the 1960s, and in recent years this renewable energy source has been used commercially to an even greater extent. Our advisory service  includes tidal farms, wave energy and tidal lagoons. We provide insight into every aspect of your developments and operations, allowing you to make informed decisions about your business: from site feasibility assessments, consent delivery and optimising cable routing; to operations and maintenance support.

Intertek’s expertise in wind and marine renewable energy, use of cutting-edge technology and collaborative approach allows us to successfully guide you through every aspect of the product and project lifecycle while adhering to the strict environmental and regulatory demands of the renewable energy market, giving you the quality assurance you need to power ahead safely.

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