Artificial-lift - geothermal-pumping-systems

Artificial-lift - geothermal-pumping-systems

High-efficiency geothermal submersible borehole and surface pumps

Advanced technology in geothermal pumping systems

Halliburton specialists have over 20 years of experience in geothermal pumping systems. We understand the unique requirements in moving superheated water and steam. We leverage our expertise with other geofluids to deliver uniquely qualified solutions.

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High-efficiency GeoESP™ pumping systems

  • Patented locking mechanisms within the pumps protect bearings from excessive heat
  • DuraHard® coatings protect equipment from calcium carbonate scaling as well as abrasives and corrosives
  • Molecular bond coating provides hardness comparable to carbide materials with added ductility
  • Spiral grooves and specialized materials make bearings and bushings resistant to scale
  • Advanced heat-resistant materials protect pumps, motors, and other components from high temperature and thermal shock

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