Artificial-lift - mining-pumping-systems

Artificial-lift - mining-pumping-systems


High-efficiency dewatering systems for mining operations

Advanced technology in mining pumping systems

Our proven pumping systems’ technology helps extend run times, providing highly efficient dewatering systems. Summit ESP’s monitoring service allows a complete 360° view of the pumping operation in your mine, allowing our engineers to analyze and understand each operational condition and to proactively identify when there may be an issue.

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Top tier technology

  • MineESP surface and submersible pumping systems address thermal cycling and scale resistance
  • Protect pumps, motors, and other components from high temperature and thermal shock
  • Use patented locking mechanisms within the pumps to protect bearings from excessive heat
  • DuraHard® coatings protect equipment from scaling, abrasives, and corrosives
  • The use of spiral grooves and specialized materials make our bearings and bushings resistant to scale

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