Artificial-lift - well-surveillance-monitoring

Artificial-lift - well-surveillance-monitoring

360° coverage of well operations and 24/7 expert analysis

Analyze and understand well conditions

Summit ESP® well surveillance and monitoring service uses a holistic approach to view operations for every well. Real-time view of operations increases the return on investment of an electric submersible pump (ESP) system and the multimillion-dollar investment in the well’s production potential. 

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Remote control and optimization

Our team uses a system with the capability to sample data at high and low-frequency rates from downhole gauges, surface process parameters, and surface controller operation and configuration.

Frank Corredor, AL Monitoring Group Manager

Real-time connectivity

Our monitoring platform arms engineers with all set points and logs to perform remote troubleshooting and continuous system operation optimization.

Real-time connectivity

Optimize performance with remote control and monitoring

  • Data streams from downhole gauges, drives, and multiple SCADA systems in the field enable engineers to model downhole operating conditions and inflow characteristics for fine-tuning
  • Real-time service eliminates the need for manual intervention by making adjustments on-the-fly
  • System monitors motor current, winding temperature, pump intake pressure, and more
  • Faster response time, higher uptime, fewer HSE incidents, and lower carbon emissions

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