Construction Services - Electrical & Instrumentation

Construction Services - Electrical & Instrumentation

DASH PROJECTS(“DASH”), a subsidiary of the DASHGroup of Companies, is well established as an Electrical & Instrumentation Construction Company offering comprehensive Integrated Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Maintenance solutions serving clients in the Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical industries.

We specializes in Electrical & Instrumentation Works, Process Control System ("PCS"), Extra Low Voltage ("ELV") System, HVAC/ACMV Systems, Analyzer Houses & Systems Integration and the related works.

Being committed to Safety, Quality & Productivity, we are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certified.

Engineering Capabilities for E&I:

Being the region’s leading EPC & Maintenance Services Company, our engineers & designers are professionals with practical experience in excess of 10 years in the Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering field.

With the support by our design centres in Thailand, India & Singapore, as well as a 3D modeling centre in India, Rotary’s Engineering Department lays the foundation for every project that bears the quality & safety standards of the company.

Our Engineering Department is equipped with leading engineering design software in the market & adopts the use of the SmartPlant suite of products for EDMS, 3D modelling, ETAP & many other design works.

Key Engineering Services include:

  • Electrical System Basic & Detail Design (up to 66Kv)
  • 3D Modeling
  • ELV Systems for CCTV, Building Security Access, PAGA & Intrusion Detection Systems
  • SCADA/PLC/Distributed Control System
  • Process Control Instrumentation & Metering Skids
  • Process Analysers, Analysers Shelter and Integration
  • Fire and Gas Systems & ACMV Systems


Procurement Capabilities for E&I:


Our depth of presence in the industry over the years has meant that we have built up a vast global network of trusted suppliers. As a result, you will benefit from the cost savings that we enjoy through bulk procurement. And because we only deal with the best, you can be assured that our networks and supplies will arrive on time.

Moreover, we use our integrated procurement system, SmartPlant Materials, to track and manage materials from requisition to receipt, and to installation on site. With the use of the SAP solutions, Rotary is able to collaborate more closely with our clients, partners & suppliers, and to effectively manage all our work processes.

Key Procurement Services include:

  • Contract Negotiation with Vendors
  • Procurement of Equipment and Materials
  • Purchasing and Expediting of Materials
  • Inspection Services (FAT & Site Inspections)
  • Material Control and Warehousing
  • Logistics Support Services


Construction Capabilities for E&I:

Electrical Capabilities:

DASH provides full spectrum of electrical services required by multinational companies in the petroleum, petrochemical and oil & gas (onshore & offshore) industries.

Our large & global pool of skilled craftsmen and specialists combine their skills to deliver the complete suite of electrical construction & installation works.

Key Electrical Services include:

  • Earthing and Lightning Protection System
  • Lighting System
  • Electrical Sub-station (up to 66KV) and Motor Control Center
  • HV & LV Cable Installation and Termination
  • Power Transformer Installation (up to 66KV)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply and Emergency Standby Support System
  • MV Motor Installation (11KV, 2750KW)
  • Cathodic Protection System Installation
  • Electrical Heat Tracing


Instrumentation Capabilities:

Our team of engineers specialise in delivering exceptional quality instrumentation works to a diverse clientele of multinational companies in the petroleum, petrochemical and oil & gas (onshore & offshore) industries.

We have earned the distinctive reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy partner in the industry with an excellent track record.

Key Instrumentation Services include:

  • Installation of Remote Instrument Enclosures
  • Integration of Analyzers in Shelters
  • Installation of SCADA/PLC/DCS Systems
  • Process Control Field Instruments
  • Metering Skids & Gas Detection Systems Installation
  • Fire Alarm and Fire Control Installation
  • Telecommunication and Access Control Systems
  • CCTV, PAGA and Intrusion Detection Systems


Maintenance Services for E&I:

Our expert team will oversee maintenance planning and scheduling that meet the needs of our customers. This includes regular scheduled maintenance or predictive and preventive maintenance to extend the life of your plant; turnaround and shutdown maintenance as required; and even daily facilities maintenance.

Electrical Maintenance Services:

  • Transformer (22/0.433KV, 22/6.6KV & 6.6/0.433KV)
  • HV/MV Switchgear & LT Switch Board
  • Standby Diesel Generator & MV/LV Motor
  • Upgrade Lighting, Floodlight & Street Light to Energy Saver/LED
  • Earthing Testing, Heat Tracing Systems
  • AC/DC/VLF Hi-Pot Test & Shutdown Services for: RMU, Transformer, Generator, Switch Gear and Switchboard


Instrumentation & ELV Maintenance Services:

  • DCS & PLC Systems
  • Security Card Access Preventive Maintenance
  • CCTV Preventive Maintenance
  • Fence Intrusion System Preventive Maintenance
  • PAGA Preventive Maintenance
  • Communication Systems & Fire Alarm Systems
  • Actuator and Control Valve
  • Field Instrument Calibration
  • Field Instrument Service & Installation

HVAC Maintenance Program:

  • Fan Coil Servicing
  • AHU Servicing plus Air Filter Replacement
  • Chemical Cleaning where Required
  • Condensing Unit Servicing
  • Ad-hoc breakdown Maintenance

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