Construction Services - Tankage

Construction Services - Tankage

DASHPROJECTS  ("DASH"), a subsidiary of DASH Group of Companies, is well established as a tank construction company to offer a wide range of capabilities in construction, erection & maintenance of tanks for the Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical industries.

Our storage solutions for the upstream & downstream oil & gas markets extend to all types of tanks including atmospheric tanks, spherical tanks, double-walled tanks, bulk liquid terminals, low temperature & cryogenic systems, horizontal vessels ("bullets"), cone roof/dome roof/floating roof tanks.

We specialise in API 650 & API 620 standards. We know precisely what it takes when it comes to designing and construction of tanks for bulk liquid storage. We are able to provide the full service of tank construction at field as well as the service of pre-fabrication of tank plates, spiral staircases, tank bridges, accessories & appurtenances. On top of that, we can provide the design with strength calculation with the generation of tank construction drawing.


DASH has a long history of providing multi-disciplinary, turnkey EPCM solutions in the fields of bulk liquid storage terminals, tank farms, offsite and utilities for refineries and petrochemical plants. In short, we know precisely what it takes when it comes to designing and constructing tanks for bulk liquid storage.

Being an one-stop service provider, we are able to generate the seamless process that connects every single steps from engineering, procurement, fabrication, logistic to tank construction. We provide comprehensive tank design with strength calculation together with detailed tank construction drawings.

Our services include:

Tank Fabrication Works

Cutting, beveling & rolling of tank plates, fabrication & installation of tank outfittings such as tank nozzles, gauge pole, tank bridge, manholes, tank platform, floating roofs, spiral stairway and ladder. We are also capable and experienced to do fully shop fabrication and assembly works for atmospheric tanks.


Tank Construction Works

Construction of all types of tanks including spherical tanks, double-walled tanks (for low temperature storage such as LNG), bullet tanks, vessels & atmospheric tanks (for cone roof/dome roof/floating roof tanks) for terminals, tank farms for refineries & petrochemical plants


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