Deep-sea polymetallic nodule collection

Deep-sea polymetallic nodule collection

Renewable energy technologies that can drive the global energy transition will require a significant increase in the production of metals, some of which are scarce or only available in a few countries. Vast areas of the deep-ocean floor are covered with mineral-rich resources such as polymetallic nodules. Lying on the seafloor unattached, these nodules contain high grades of manganese, cobalt and nickel – metals required to build batteries for storing renewable energy and powering electric vehicles.

We are leveraging our world-renowned deep-water expertise to develop technology to responsibly recover polymetallic nodules from the ocean floor and transfer them 4.5 km to the surface for transportation to shore. Our collection system comprises a polymetallic nodule collector, a vertical transport system and nodule collection vessel “Hidden Gem”.

Deep-sea polymetallic nodule collection represents a new frontier and a new exciting chapter in Allseas’ history. With our offshore pedigree and innovative capability, we can develop creative technical solutions to supply the metals needed for clean energy technologies in support of the global economy of the future.

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