Instrumentation and Control plays a significant role in both gathering information from the field and changing the field parameters, and as such is a key part of control loops. The Instrumentation Technology, being an inter-disciplinary branch of engineering, is heading towards development of new & intelligent sensors, smart transducers, MEMS Technology, Bluetooth Technology. This discipline finds its origin in both electrical and electronics engineering, and it covers subjects related to electronics and electrical streams. In short, it deals with measurement, automation and control processes. In today’s scenario, there are many people who are willing to make a career in this stream. Almost all process and manufacturing industry such as steel, oil, petrochemical, power and defense production will have a separate instrumentation and control department, which is manned and managed by instrumentation and control engineers. “Automation is the buzz word in the process industry, and automation is the core job of instrumentation and control engineers. Hence, the demand for instrumentation will always be there.


  • Tank Farm Management System and Terminal Automation
  • Total Information Management System (TIMM)
  • Cable laying of different voltage grade with all power and control cabling and interfacing with PLC
  • Installation of transformers, Diesel Generator, PMCC and different type of MCC panel.

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