DASH PROJECTS, a subsidiary of the DASH Group of Companies, is well established as an Integrated Maintenance Company offering a wide range of capabilities in maintenance & pre-commissioning services for the Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical industries.

Today, we have established an effective and a highly accessible maintenance infrastructure on Jurong Island. It supports an environment where the nature of the operation demands the utmost of resource availability, logistical support, engineering and supply, all within a one-stop shop. We provide a complete range of industrial services. This includes the ability to provide services for small capital projects and plant engineering for ongoing maintenance routines.

Providing high quality & responsive maintenance, and EPC services for our customers, our services yield significant benefits such as lowered operational costs, improved deployment time and with resource optimization. Our strategies for one-stop integration are to fully understand our client’s needs in overall, before to plan, design and integrate diverse components for our clients directly through all shared services. We have a pool of expertise with proven track record in delivering complex solutions and effective and quick execution with diverse technical know-how.


Within a short span of operation since year 2001, DASH  has to-date established working relationship with a list of world renowned customers.

DASH has established itself as a market leader in integrated maintenance services and has a dominant presence within the chemical hub IN MENA REGION

We have a total workforce of over 800, including over 600 multi-skilled craftsmen.

Our services include:

  • Daily Maintenance
  • Operation Support
  • Planned Periodic Maintenance
  • Shutdown / Turnaround Maintenance
  • Plant Startup Commissioning Support
  • Warranty Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring/ Reliability Engineering
  • Performance Enhancement Plant Modification project
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)


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CMMS, a computerized maintenance management system helps to reduce cost by providing better work order flow and control, more entensive equipment history for analysis. Achieving better planning and scheduling.

Our value-addedness are incorporating the best practices developed in many industries. Work processes are driven towards a more predictive environment with safety-conscious, multi-skilled workforce.


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