Production Chemicals

Production Chemicals

Production technologies. Full service.

Our integrated production chemical technologies and services provide tangible benefits and assurance to oil and gas operations worldwide, regardless of system complexity or geography.

Experienced specialists deliver targeted, integrated strategies that anticipate, address, and decisively remedy production issues in a complex and multifaceted international industry. We use production chemistry technologies—pioneering chemical and process solutions, equipment, and software—aligned under PREVENT, PERFORM, and CURE segments.


Our global footprint and dedicated service delivery help maximize production more safely and reliably.

Schlumberger office

Risk appraised management process

Throughout tenure of product and service supply, our risk appraised management process confirms and ensures delivery of the resources and activities required to identify, develop, and secure production technology enhancements that will deliver value to our customers while ensuring top-quartile QHSE performance.

Successful deployment of our customized chemical solutions and management services is supported with ChemWatcher integrated chemical management system, enabling you to maximize production, mitigate nonproductive time, and minimize total operational cost.

PREVENT Technologies

Mitigate production threats and optimize performance.

PERFORM Technologies

Achieve full field potential.

CURE Technologies

Restore full production.


Reduce risk and increase returns.

ConcentraFlo Pipeline Chemistry Solutions and Service

Optimize production by leading with chemistry.

ChemWatcher Integrated Chemical Management System

See how real-time information optimizes performance.

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