Specialty-chemicals - contract-manufacturing-and-wholesale

Specialty-chemicals - contract-manufacturing-and-wholesale

Develop custom chemistry blends

Halliburton provides chemical manufacturers and industrial customers with reaction manufacturing and tolling capabilities, including processing customizable flammable blends and complex, multi-step reactions, including ethylene and propylene oxide chemistries.

A leading chemical contract manufacturer and toller

Halliburton is one of the fastest-growing custom chemical manufacturers and tollers. Our world-class processing facilities, strategically located in the heart of the U.S. Gulf Coast “Petrochemical Corridor,” and in Jubail, Saudi Arabia are supported by a team of engineers, chemists, and operators committed to helping you save time and capital on product line development. 


  • Flammable blending and storage
  • Multi-step alkoxylation reactions
  • Servicing multiple industries
  • Strategic locations
  • Automated packaging lines
  • Long-term, high-volume projects
  • Quick to market

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