Our projects take place around the world so we have to be able to mobilize the right people where they are needed with greatest speed and highest efficiency level.  Our Global Work Force (GWF) & Global Maintenance & Turnaround Team (GMTT) schemes allow us to do just that.  Through GWF & GMTT, we have grown our own team of engineers and craftsmen who are readily deployed anywhere in the world and attuned to the DASH Brand of Service Delivery.  Our Overseas Test & Training Centres in India and Bangladesh serve to strengthen our workers’ language and technical skill sets.  To date, we have trained over 1,000 employees to levels of high skills proficiency and it’s our clients who are benefiting from this growing workforce of technical experts.

We build smart teams.

Why Rotary

When it comes to harnessing technology in our processes, we use the best there is because we believe in working smart. One such technology is the SmartPlant suite of products for EDMS, 3D modeling and other design works. We can bring our designs to life in 3D right from the drawing board, so you can visualize exactly what the finished site will look like. Our integrated procurement system, SmartPlant Materials, is used to track and manage materials from requisition to receipt to installation on site. Integrated into the software is a barcode system that allows us to better track our materials at site. We also harness SAP solutions to effectively manage all our project processes – we can remain responsive to changes in project scope, costs, risks and schedules.

Working smart is our business.

Why Rotary

We understand that in your industry, time is money. This is where our decades of experience in designing and constructing bulk liquid storage facilities differentiate us. DASH’s expertise builds from pre-planning, construction work instruction (CWI), layout optimization & tank configuration, practical & effective solutions to your operational needs, execution and deployment of customized construction techniques for local regulatory and climatic conditions, helping you to save time.

It’s all down to smart planning.


DASH understands the key to a successful project: Conformance to Regulatory Requirements and Industrial Standards. As a key industry player, we strive to achieve perfection in the aspect of Zero Incidents and Quality Management by compliance and commitment to the highest standards of regulatory practices, and to consistently provide relevant training to our employees.

It’s always smart to be safe.

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