Sales Professional Certificate

Course Objectives

Sales Professional Certificate

Course Methodology
The 'Sales Professional Certificate' course is highly interactive. Participants will enjoy working with business cases extracted from real life situations taking them from understanding the situation to finding a solution. The course leverages role play techniques where participants work and present scenarios related to deal negotiation, building relationships or problem resolution. Such role plays foster confidence, analytical thinking, and teamwork.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
Identify the right professional selling behaviors and skills needed to maximize sales performance
Develop the right personal habits to optimize selling effectiveness
Apply the different steps of the sales process and identify the need for each step
Analyze and apply  the principles of successful negotiations and handling objections
Recognize the basics of customer relationships management and influencing outcomes
Target Audience
This sales training course is designed for salespeople, sales support personnel, as well as potential candidates for sales positions who want to build and revitalize their existing selling skills.

Target Competencies
Partnering: building relationships, communicating effectively, and setting expectations
Insight: evaluating the customer needs, gathering intelligence, and understanding business context
Solution: aligning to customer's needs, resolving issues, and managing success
Effectiveness: leveraging the sales process, executing plans, and maximizing personal time

Course Outline

The changing business environment
The evolution of personal selling
The new sales competencies
Behaviors, characteristics and skills of a successful salesperson
Assessing performance according to specific sales indicators
The 10 root causes of sales problems
Personal selling profile
Preparation and self-organization
Personal management
Personal planning
Personal image
Time management for sales people
Understanding the psychology of selling
Developing strategies for sales success
The sales process
Prospecting and qualifying
Presentation and demonstration
Overcoming objections
Follow up and maintenance
Product selling versus service selling
A glimpse into different selling models
Business negotiations skills
Principles of successful negotiations
Trading concessions
The six elements of successful sales negotiations
The power of questioning and probing
The BATNA principle
Establishing ranges and understanding the limits
Managing the customer relationship
Basics of building customer relationships
5 rules for successful relationships
The essence of attitude in relationship building
The art of sales communications
Influencing sales outcomes

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