Applied Asset Management and ISO 55000 - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Applied Asset Management and ISO 55000 - Virtual Learning

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Implement asset management principles within their organization, department, or area of control
  • Understand the key principles, tools and terminology of asset management
  • Demonstrate how asset management thinking can benefit their organization
  • Gain familiarity and comfort in using ISO 55000
  • Identify a range of models that will support the implementation of asset management

Target Audience

This course is ideal for maintenance managers, operations managers, asset managers and reliability professionals.  Experienced supervisors, planners and functional specialists will also benefit greatly from this course.

Target Competencies

  • Asset Management Alignment
  • Asset Plan Development
  • Asset Management Framework Implementation
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Continuous Improvement implementation

Course Outline

  • Context of the Organization
    • How assets can generate value for your organization
    • What are your assets and which ones are you going to actively manage?
    • Ensuring your assets support your organization’s objectives
    • The key asset management stakeholders and understanding their needs
    • The Model of Excellence for Asset Strategy
  • Leadership
    • Creating a Strategic Asset Management Plan
    • The key roles to make asset management work
    • Creating an effective Steering Team
    • Engaging and maintaining leadership commitment
  • Planning
    • The role and impact of good planning
    • Creating a practical asset plan
    • Conducting effective asset management meetings
    • How to effectively group and structure your assets for effective management
  • Support
    • Keeping your asset plans alive rather than collecting dust on a shelf
    • Engaging your organization in managing your assets
    • Communicating communicate critical information about your assets
    • Information management of your asset management process
  • Operation
    • Creating effective implementation of asset planning objectives
    • The Model of Excellence for Maintenance, a holistic approach to asset operation
    • Effective contacting strategies for asset operations and maintenance
  • Performance Evaluation
    • Monitoring your assets – active and passive monitoring techniques
    • Auditing processes and models – a practical implementation of auditing
    • Converting audits from a policing to an inspiring process
  • Improvement
    • Incident review and root cause analysis
    • Effective failure prevention processes
    • Implementing a process and culture of continuous improvement

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