Building Services Maintenance and Management

Course Objectives

Building Services Maintenance and Management

Course Methodology

This course is written from the perspective of people that manage, operate and maintain buildings.  It utilizes scenarios and cases, procedures, documents, drawings, images and videos that these facilities management professionals will be familiar with.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Explain the importance of Building Services systems to the high performance of any property
  • Classify the 14 types of Building Services systems that are found in buildings
  • Describe how SFG20 can be used to manage the delivery of Building Services maintenance works in a controlled manner
  • Recognise why different maintenance tasks require various skill sets and need to be undertaken at different frequencies
  • Identify common and critical Building Services elements that need maintaining

Target Audience

This course is aimed at senior personnel involved in the management, operation and maintenance of buildings.  Some ideal participants include but are not limited to: estates directors, commercial managers, procurement managers, facilities management, quality managers, health and safety managers, building managers, leasing managers, maintenance managers, asset managers, sustainability managers, and project managers

Target Competencies

  • building management
  • maintenance planning
  • maintenance strategy
  • building services system design

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Building Services
    • The 21st century built environment
    • Building Services – What they are and why they are important
    • The 3 key elements of Building Services systems
    • The 14 categories of Building Services systems
  • Building Services Maintenance
    • Maintenance – What it is and why it matters
    • Common terms used in Building Services maintenance
    • Delivering a maintainable building
  • Building Services Maintenance Standards
    • SFG20 – The standard specification for maintenance of Building Services
    • Building Services systems and their maintenance (part 1)
      • Sanitary installations
      • Services equipment
      • Disposal installations
      • Water installations
      • Heat sources 
  • Building Services systems and their maintenance
    • Building Services systems and their maintenance (part 2)
      • Space heating
      • Air conditioning
      • Ventilation systems
      • Electrical installations
      • Fuel installations
  • Building Services systems and their maintenance (Continued)
    • Building Services systems and their maintenance (part 3)
      • Lift and conveyor installations
      • Fire and lightning protection
      • Communication systems
      • Security and control installations
      • Specialist installations and builders work

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