Business Acumen Masterclass - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Business Acumen Masterclass - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Articulate the importance of the big picture in business planning
Identify marketing drivers and analyze the competition using strategic frameworks
Define important operational drivers and measure performance using standards correlated with value creation
Streamline processes and apply people optimization tactics in the organization          
Improve the decision-making process in their organizations through developing financial acumen
Examine the different external environmental factors affecting an organization’s ability to succeed
Target Audience
This course is ideal for leaders, managers, and professionals who want to improve their business acumen capabilities. 

Target Competencies
Business acumen
Financial acumen
Strategic focus
Operational capability
Market orientation

Course Outline

Strategic acumenThe importance of strategyThe three big strategic questionsKey elements of a successful strategyThe quest for competitive advantageCompetitive advantage examplesThe breadth of strategy crafting and implementationUsing frameworks as a blueprint
Marketing acumenStrategic frameworksPossible strategic movesExpanding scopeReducing scopeChanging directionMaintaining the status quo
Operational acumenThe importance of internal activitiesThe basics of running a companyIncreasing priceIncreasing volumeReducing costs
Organizational acumenThe most important assetOptimizing people processesBuilding skillsOptimizing compensationSimplifying the organizationStreamlining processesOptimizing information systemsMeasuring results
Financial acumenFinancial goalsFinancial KPIsFinancial statementsIncome statementBalance sheetCash flow statementEnsuring cash is kingBalancing debt and equityManaging working capital
External forces acumenManaging suppliersManaging peopleThe effect of the economyDealing with competitorsThe industry as a playing fieldDealing with auditorsUnderstanding legislationUsing technology

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