Business Modeling Masterclass - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Business Modeling Masterclass - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Identify and articulate the different elements of a business model
Examine a variety of business model designs and evaluate best fit with business requirements
Present a value proposition that caters to customer needs and concerns
Design and assess business models based on identified gaps and business remedies
Test and implement business models that are innovative and viable
Target Audience
Business executives, entrepreneurs, department heads, marketing managers, and sales managers who are keen on exploring new ways to improve business results, customer reach, market coverage, and overall business performance.

Target Competencies
Business analysis
Strategic thinking
Innovation and creativity
Process design and management
Facilitation and communication skills
Problem solving
Design thinking
Risk management
Coping with uncertainty 

Course Outline

Business models – An introductionWhat is a business model? A definitionUnderstanding business modelsBusiness models, innovation, and market disruptionsThe business model card gameStrategy versus business modelsImproving a business model – Case study IGetting started with your business model
Creating a business modelWhat makes a successful business model?Business modeling and transformationA look at business modeling tools: The Omega business modelBusiness model metricsThe Omega business model questionnaireThe Omega business model business caseBusiness models paths and tooling - Ensuring outcome clarity and deliverablesImproving a business model – Case study II
Exploring customer valueConcepts behind customer value and value propositionCustomer discovery and the pivotBusiness models and valueCustomer discovery processCustomer segmentation and the target marketThe value proposition canvasDelivering valueImproving a business model – Case study III
Designing complex business modelsViewpoints on business modelingThe partner value matrixThe value networkMulti-sided business modelingUnderstanding customers through personasConnecting with your customerCapturing customers’ needs, experiences, behaviors and goalsThe four different perspectives on personasImproving a business model – Case study IV
Business modeling implementation and testingRoad mapping the business model: Why it matters?Innovation as a cornerstone of the business ecosystemThe importance of platforms for business modelingThe value of operating modelsStress testing the business modelChecking the financial soundness of the business modelA quick look into agile business model developmentIntegrating agility into business model designs

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