Business Writing Skills - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Business Writing Skills - Virtual Learning

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the fundamental pillars of business writing for achieving better results
  • Practice basic techniques for writing effective emails, letters and memos
  • Deliver solid conclusions through organized structure and flow

Target Audience

All individuals operating in a business setting with a need to express themselves effectively in writing.

Target Competencies

  • Written communication
  • Business writing etiquette
  • Structured thinking

Course Outline

  • Introduction to business writing
    • Definitions of business writing
    • Report writing
    • Setting emails, letters and memos in context
    • 6 tips for writing effectively
    • Recognizing the hallmarks of effective
    • Applying modern day business writing techniques
  • Characteristics of business writing
    • 7 traits of organized writing
    • Setting a purpose
    • Using clear, specific and positive writing
    • Developing your business writing style
  • Writing strategy
    • Organizing thoughts
    • Pyramid structuring
    • Applying pyramid structuring to your writing
    • Making the most of your facts
    • Deductive reasoning
    • Abductive reasoning
    • Building a compelling introduction
  • Big tips on writing
    • Promoting clarity in writing
    • Avoiding miscommunication
    • Managing and delivering expectations
    • Writing considerations
    • Using power words to influence your audience
    • Presentations: less is more
    • Business writing editing
    • Business writing auditing
    • How to be a successful business writer

Per participant

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