Career Development and Succession Planning - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Career Development and Succession Planning - Virtual Learning

y the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  •  Demonstrate understanding of the basics of career development and succession planning
  •  Distinguish succession planning and management from replacement planning
  • Compare traditional HR focus with career planning-oriented HR focus
  • Apply innovative corporate career development initiatives
  • Prepare a comprehensive succession planning program

Target Audience

Human resources managers, line managers, HR business partners, team leaders and specialists.

Target Competencies

  •  Analytical thinking
  •  Planning and organizing
  • Achieving goals and objectives
  •  Formulating concepts and strategies

Course Outline

  • Putting people first
    •  Putting people before numbers
    •  People’s wants versus organizations’ wants
    •  The war for talent
    • Traditional focus versus career development focus
  • The basics of career management and succession planning and management
    • Definition of career development
    •  The career development process
    •  Definition of succession planning
    • Distinguishing succession planning from replacement planning
  • Identifying high potentials
    • Key positions: High potentials and high professionals
    • Assessing individual potential
    •  Best practices to improve the management of high potentials
    • Competencies: the foundation for career development
  • Developing internal successors
    •  Starting the systematic succession planning and management program
    •  Assessing present and future work requirements
    • Individual Development Plan (IDP)

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