Certificate in Human Capital Planning - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Certificate in Human Capital Planning - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the HC plan
Create an HC plan that is aligned with the organizational business plan
Review the progress of the HR initiatives
Evaluate an HC plan and recommend adjustments
Demonstrate how an HC plan can increase values of human capital management 
Target Audience
Human resources/capital managers, business partners, team leaders, and specialists interested in human capital planning.

Target Competencies
Analytical thinking
Business acumen
Planning and organizing
Achieving goals and objectives
Evaluation skills
It is highly recommended that attendees have access to their mission, vision and business strategic objectives. 

Course Outline

The HC planHC plan definitionBusiness plan vs. HC planThe relation between a business plan and an HC planGuidelines for drafting an HC plan
HC plan componentsUnderstanding the business visionUnderstanding the business missionBusiness goalsStrategic objectivesHR SWOT analysisOther HR elementsUnderstanding what an executive summary should include  
From business strategic objectives to HR strategic objectivesHR strategic objectivesHR implications and actionsInitiatives of the HC planHR implicationsHR themeAction planChampioning the action planTime frameCostsKPIsReviews
HR elementsCulture and valuesOrganizational structure changesHuman capitalSuccession planningBuilding a bench strengthMotivation and retentionTraining and developmentOrganizational development and effectiveness
Additional HC plan considerationsQuarterly reviewsEvaluation of the HC planOperating environmentProducing an executive summaryHR plan draft (actual)Fine-tuning the HC plan

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