Certificate in Security Management - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Certificate in Security Management - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Explain the process of designing procedures
Conduct a security survey
Explain risk management
Describe and understand access control systems
Explain management and selection of manpower
Apply basic investigation procedures
Utilize crisis management techniques
Target Audience
Managers and security staff wishing to develop an understanding of security management techniques and to further their knowledge of the security function, approach, and strategy.

Target Competencies
Security management
Developing Security policies and procedures
Handling Physical security
Conducting Risk assessment
Incident management
Conducting Incident investigation

Course Outline

Security policies and proceduresWhat the policies and procedures coverWho should design the policies and proceduresWhy security policies are of use to companiesWhy security procedures are of use to companies
Security operations managementWhat operations management isWhat are the responsibilitiesHow the remainder of the security team fits in
Perimeter and building securityMeasures availableDeveloping security on sitesManaging security on sites
Introduction to security surveyingUnderstanding the risksConsidering security optionsCommunicating results to the client
Security risk managementIntroduction to security risk managementWhat risk management meansWho applies risk managementRisk mitigationRisk management continuum
Access ManagementTypes of access systemsHow the access systems are usedIntroduction to CCTVIntruder detectionImplementing the systems
Manpower selection and developmentSelecting the right profileScreening of individualsVetting of individualsOn-going professional training
Introduction to investigationsGathering of informationPurpose of the investigationRequirements of the investigationUpholding CredibilityKeeping DocumentationLegal aspects
Crisis managementDealing with a crisisFall back planningPost incident considerations

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