Certified Administration and Office Management Professional - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Certified Administration and Office Management Professional - Virtual Learning

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define and understand the role of the office manager and administrator
  • Implement verbal and written communication strategies needed for carrying out responsibilities in an effective manner
  • Develop a service attitude and mindset aimed at the internal and external customer
  • List the main causes of stress and apply the techniques needed to control them
  • Apply time management techniques required for better office productivity
  • Organize meetings effectively
  • Handle telephone calls properly and professionally

Target Audience

Administrators, assistants, executive secretaries, existing or prospective office managers, senior administrators and supervisors of junior level employees.

Target Competencies

  • Self development
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Business writing
  • Customer focus
  • Self management
  • Time management
  • Meeting management
  • Telephone handling

Course Outline

  • The role of the office manager and administrator
    • Perception versus reality
    • The 3Ds of successful administrators: dramatically and demonstrably different
    • Competencies required for success
    • What it takes to be a 'star' at work
    • Identifying your role
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
    • Improving credibility and gaining recognition
    • Importance of having positive attitude
    • Being assertive
    • Selling your ideas to the boss, colleagues, subordinates and clients
    • Preparing a professional presentation
    • What constitutes professional business writing
    • Style and layout
    • Obtaining your objective with the reader
    • Expectations of readers
  • Serving the internal and external customer
    • Understanding the needs of internal and external customers
    • Removing services barriers
    • Providing excellent service
    • Breaking down the silo mentality
    • Handling complaints
  • Stress management techniques
    • Causes and symptoms
    • Identifying your stressors
    • How stress affects performance
    • Formulating a comprehensive stress management plan
  • Managing time
    • Identifying and eliminating time wasters
    • Setting goals and priorities
    • Using measures to control and improve your effectiveness
    • Planning and managing time for self and others
    • Preparing time logs and learning from them
  • Organizing meetings
    • Elements of an effective meeting
    • Preparing the agenda
    • Meeting common time wasters
    • Taking minutes of meetings
    • Responsibilities of meeting leaders and participants
  • Using the telephone properly
    • Professional telephone behavior
    • Rules for good listening
    • Steps in professional handling of an incoming call
    • Dealing with difficult callers
    • Identifying common phone problems and formulating solutions

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