Certified Blockchain Professional - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Certified Blockchain Professional - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Understand the inner workings of public and permissioned blockchains
Assess the viability of blockchain use-cases
Select the best blockchain platforms and service providers depending on the use case
Consider the business and regulatory implications of blockchain
Design blockchain solutions and lay out implementation strategies for their organizations
Target Audience
This course is for analysts, managers or C-level executives who will work with blockchain on a daily basis or are in need of knowledge to develop a blockchain strategy. The aim is that by the end of the three days, all participants will be blockchain professionals who can flourish as blockchain experts within their organizations and careers.

Target Competencies
Cryptographic concept
Blockchain platforms and solution providers
Blockchain architecture
Blockchain governance
Use case development and implementation

Course Outline

Blockchain fundamentalsThe why of blockchainsThe concept of distributed storageA brief introduction to the concept of private and public blockchainsAn introduction to the rules of the blockchainA more technical deep-dive (into Bitcoin or Ethereum)Cryptographic concepts (e.g., hashing, key pairs, digital signatures)Block structureConsensus mechanismsWallets and exchangesThe three types of blockchain applications with concrete industry examplesData storageTransfer of valueSmart-contractingThe latest advancements of the technologyThe future of blockchainsThe challenges in implementing blockchains
Deep dive into tokens and their use in smart-contracts, ICOs, Dapps and DAOsToken types and purposesUtility & rightsToken valueValue distributionSupply & inflation
Permissioned blockchainsTechnical layerConsensus modelsData managementToken layerPurpose of tokensIncentive systems of permissioned blockchains without tokensGovernance layerIdentity managementCreation of consortiumsDecision making processesOff-chain governance systems
Use-cases across various industries and their business impactFinancial servicesInsuranceHealthcare and pharmaceuticalsPublic servicesEnergyMedia and advertisementsInternet of Things
Business models and regulatory considerationsQualified blockchain use-caseRegulation of tokensPossible taxationGDPR
Blockchain platforms and service providersBlockchain platforms relevant to business“Blockchain as a service” software providersIBM HyperledgerMicrosoft AzureAmazon AWSConsensys Kaleido

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